The World needs more Tapping Groups!

Eva Weaver, shamanic counsellor 


Eva is an incredible creative force, and experienced in holding sacred circles on the subjects such as sexuality and creativity. She will be sharing her expertise on boundaries, energy clearing and grounding after holding group sessions.

Dawn Cretney, Safeguarding for EFT Groups


Dawn  holds safeguarding workshops for EFT practitioners. She will be sharing her tips for practical safeguarding when it comes to group work. 

Penny Croal, EFT/Matrix & Meta-Health Trainer 


Penny is one of the world's authorities on Meta-Health. 

We discuss her years of experience in running groups and thoughts of why you should never cancel even if you have low numbers plus the importance of a safe space. 

Plus why it’s best to have a structured theme for newbies and the power of ASKing for what you need to get your group going – and most importantly, she has some great questions that allow you to go deep into the emotional blocks you might have.

Susie Shelmerdine, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Trainer


The creator of Realise Your Dreams and author of the excellent book, Your EFT Business. The Essential Guide to Creating Your Dream practice.  

In this chat we riff about power of intention, the pain of a group going wrong plus the elation of when it goes right.. 
She also takes us through a beautiful exercise from her book, called Double It. Get ready to visualize the group, and then let more people in…it will help you create the energetic space so the universe can fill it.

Liz Melville, Facebook Ads Strategist


Are you ready to invest in Facebook Ads? There is so much more worth finding out when it comes to Facebook Ad strategy, don't throw money away just boosting posts. Listen to Liz talk about how you can make the most from the incredible opportunity that Facebook ads present to fill your tapping groups.

Ruby McGuire, Queen of Visibility


An awesome chat with the highly knowledgeable Ruby McGuire.


We talked about how you can find your dreamies, both on and offline. She shares a Marketing Mindmap with a plethora of ideas you can return to again and again. A chat about the building blocks of content creation and a guide to PR.