​Learn the tools to confidently work with Past Lives using Matrix Reimprinting




Would you like to be able to work elegantly and confidently with past life trauma?


Has past life energy come up during a Matrix Reimprinting or EFT session and you'd like to know the most effective way to work with it?


Practitioners and trainers repeatedly report how often past lives arise to be worked on and that working with the ECHOs can have incredible healing shifts. 


Resolving past life trauma can be the missing key to creating healing ripples in your life. 


This new training is designed to equip you with all the tools, questions and examples you need to feel confident when working with past lives in the matrix - which is one of the most beautiful and healing ways to work with trauma. 



Past lives...


Are they real?

Are they metaphors?

Are they important?


Ultimately we (and our clients) will all have our own beliefs regarding past lives.


It is not our place to judge or impose our own ideologies - as practitioners we need to ensure that we are equipped in a way that best serves the person we are working with, practically, emotionally and safely. 



After lengthy exploration and client sessions, this deep dive training and interactive support has been created by Caroline Dawson, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting trainer, creator of Matrix Past Life Reimprinting. 


It has been created under the directive of Karl Dawson, creator of Matrix Reimprinting and is presented to you and investigated by Kate Marillat, co-author of Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life, EFT trainer and facilitator of Matrix Collective Consciousness. 

Learn the tools and processes together with a several recorded demonstrations, a supportive Facebook Group and an exciting opportunity to try out the technique with other practitioners in a safe, non-judgemental space. 

  • In-depth Training Session 1 

    (Recorded, so you can watch at a time to suit you)



    • What are past lives?
    • Are they necessary?
    • What do we need to be aware of when working with past lives in the matrix?
    • What are some of the effects of working with past lives in the matrix?
    • How do we know when there is a past life affecting us in this reality?
    • Were we once animals?
    • What can we do and not do with Matrix Past Life Reimprinting?
    • What can validation look like?
    • The healing potential of surrogate work in Matrix Past Life Reimprinting
  • In-depth Training Session 2

    (Recorded, so you can watch at a time to suit you)


    • Step by step process of Matrix Past Life Reimprinting
    • Key questions to ask
    • Working with more than one past life
    • What if family/friends show up in past lives?
    • The power of surrogate work
    • How to encourage deep resolution
    • The reimprint of the past life
    • Discovering the belief / significance of a past life
    • The importance of grounding
    • Full completion - what does that look like?
  • Private Facebook Group 

    • You will be encouraged to sign up for the private Facebook group, where will we can share insights and also receive further support on any questions you may have. 
    • Ask for swap partners outside the swap circles.
  • All recordings - Your membership area

    • The trainings and all recordings will be easily watchable from a members only site with your own personal login. And of course they are yours forever to study and refer to. There is over 10 hours of content and all of the live sessions - including the Q&A from the swap session will also be added. 
    • We may also add more material to the members area such as grounding exercises and insights from practitioners.

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  • Support and Focus

    Watch the training videos, then experience the demos, ask questions in the Facebook community and then be part of the live swap circle with other trained practitioners. .

  • Easy to follow

    We all need step-by-step easy to digest information -  which is why the whole training including interviews are broken down into  segments.

  • Watch anywhere

    However you like to watch, phone, Facebook group or streamed to your TV - all the training is accessible in our members area

  • Q&A Sessions

    These are recorded Q&A sessions where we answer key questions - you can also bring your questions to the Facebook group and the swap circle. 

  • Interactive community

    Join the lively facebook groups where we ask questions, share insights and validations of our Past Lives.

Here's what EFT Trainers say when working with

Matrix Past Life Reimprinting...

Fear of flying

After resolving the past life trauma, the sense of anxiety and panic was zero - it was dramatic and profound. Anyone with an issue they can't seem to resolve, it is definitely worth exploring and resolving past life memories..

Caroline Rhodes

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Trainer

Several past life sessions have been utterly transformative in healing relationships, addictions and I feel like they've helped me peel off some very old layers of belief and conditioning. Through working with Caroline on this programme, I feel more equipped to deal with Past Life energy for both me and my clients.

Kate Marillat

EFT Trainer and co-author of Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life

Time is not linear, these past lives are current in the matrix...it feels right to be taking this direction with Matrix Reimprinting, as so many practitioners and trainers have reported incredible healing shifts through working with past lives in the matrix. 

Karl Dawson

EFT Founding Master and Creator of Matrix Reimprinting

Money Blocks

It is beyond any shadow of doubt that working with Past Lives in the Matrix was one of the catalysts that caused some of the shifts - it's when things started to turn for me.


Erika Brodnock

EFTMRA Trainer and CEO of Karisma Kidz

Effectively heal past life trauma using Matrix Reimprinting

This training module will give you step by step processes, tools, interactive support and live sessions to help you confidently work with past life trauma for you and your clients. 



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Caroline Dawson


Put simply, working with my past lives has enabled me to heal and take steps in my life that I couldn't dream of before. Through several years of refining this technique, it's my pleasure to bring it to the Matrix Reimprinting community. 



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