For Tapping / EFT Practitioners - Complimentary New Year Session

Don’t let 2019 just happen to you...

Shape it, manifest it, love it, plan it,

& get excited by it...


Let's make space for your **Intentions** 

New Year Evolution


*Tap into 2019*

Here are some of the comments from the session that over 200 people attended live: 


"Thanks Kate, feeling focused and fired up, all in a gorgeous relaxed and trusting way:.

" Thank you for the Peace and Fire!"

"Thank you everyone. Feeling tingly, energised, happy, Productive!! Kate, that was so good to be part of :)" 

" Thanks everyone for sharing your energy and helping us all with clearing space and starting those intentions xxx"

"I sang the words, baby you're a firework and could see the sparks flying into the sky".



Hi, I'm Kate Marillat and this powerful session is specifically for EFT practitioners and experienced Tappers.


For 90 minutes we connect deeply as a group, take time to reflect, appreciate the blessings and the lessons of 2018.


We tap together, for ourselves, for the collective and for the global community.


We get quiet, go deep into all that we are, we will ask our hearts what we want to

FEEL, BE, ACHIEVE and LOVE in 2019 and beyond.


What will bring us joy, what will support us and how can we support others?


You'll need a notebook, somewhere quiet and a candle to light.




This is the room that we met in, come and join us. We held all past, present and future selves in this room.


We lit candles, connected to all that we are,  felt the energy rise and took time to write down the blessings and the lessons of 2018. 


We reflected, we tapped and released, we had a fire in the centre of the room to focus on. 


After discussing just what intentions, goals, dreams and wishes mean to us - we took some time to focus on one of our conscious building blocks for 2019. 


Together, we gathered up the energy into our beautiful beating hearts, released any remaining resistance and let these intentions fire off like burning rockets into the cosmos under the gaze of the dark moon. 


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