By booking onto this circle, you are in for a treat - 


2.5 hours of swapping, Q&A and group tapping. 


To participate, you need:


* To be trained within the EFTMRA up to Level 1 & 2 (you don't have to be trained in Matrix Reimprinting)

* Good internet connecton, a camera and headphones

* A quiet place where you won't be disturbed

* To arrive promptly, with water and tissues

* Bring an issue you'd like to work on - or a subject you'd like to discuss - use your 45 minutes how you'd like.


Upon signing up for a session, you'll recieve an email with the link of how to join the session via Zoom. 


Plus all the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions and a guide to introducing yourself to your swap partner, deciding who goes first and the best way to deliver feedback.


There will be up to 100 people on each session, everyone will be assigned randomly.

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All Rights Reserved.