Dive deeper with the tools and processes together with interviews, research papers and recorded demonstrations.


There is such knowledge and expertise here from many of our incredible trainers from around the world. 


  • Week 1

    Family & Generational Work

    Module includes


    *Training Video with Ted and Kate covering*

    ​Family & Generational Overview

    How we inherit beliefs

    Whose belief is it anyway?

    Your Family

    Explore your own family inheritance


    Demonstration Video of an in-depth Matrix Reimprinting session

                                        Interview Family Constellations & Matrix Reimprinting Interview with Rafe Nauen                           Family Inheritance with Denny Ellis

    Q&A Sessions from the Live Events

                                                    Grief Interview with Janice Thompson                                                              




  • Week 2 

    Surrogate Matrix Work

    Module includes


    *Training Video with Ted and Kate covering*

    ​Classic EFT vs Matrix Reimprinting

    The important first step of Surrogate Matrix Work

    How to do Surrogate work in the Matrix - the best way in

    The ethics - To tap or not to tap?


    Demonstration Video of an in-depth Matrix Reimprinting session

    Interview with Sunita Pattani - Surrogate Matrix researcher and specialist - added bonus of research papers and first chapter of her book.

    Surrogate work with animals with Jenny MacSharry

    Q&A Sessions from the Live events

    Heart to Heart protocol with Denny Ellis



  • Week 3 

    Future Self Matrix Work

    Module includes


    *Training Video with Ted and Kate covering*

    ​Future Fields of Behaviour

    Law of Attraction

    Time Travelling

    4 Powerful Statements

    Different methods of Future Matrix Work

    Amplify Your Intention

    The Future is already Here


                                                      Demonstration Video of an in-depth Matrix Reimprinting session                                               Reflections on a Matrix Reimprinting Session

    Q&A sessions from the Live Events

    Matrix Collective Consciousness with Ted Wilmont        





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"I had an amazing session with Julie working on the ancestral heritage of a first male born that is not carrying on the father s name,for 5 generations...It was amazing as I was tapping on my great great grandfather ,all the other young men in the war started tapping too ,with their guns on their shoulders".


"Thank you Kate, Ted and Liz for a very profound healing session. I had a beautiful experience with my father, uncle and grandmother and my 2 year old self. Shared so much love, light and awareness that there is no separation"

Some comments from our course participants

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  • Group Matrix Work

    There are two recordings of group matrix sessions in the membership hub -  Heart to Heart surrogate work plus a Matrix Collective Consciousness session.

You know the power of working in the Matrix

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For our ancestors 

For our loved ones

For our future selves

Join us and tap for:

*Generational, family trauma

*Surrogate Matrix Work

*Future Reimprinting

This three week training will give you step by step processes and tools to help you confidently work with generational trauma, surrogate sessions and future work for yourself and your clients, 


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"Such a big thank you to Kate and Ted and everyone involved in Transforming the Field. This has been such an uplifting experience. I have belonged to online communities for a while and have taken classes online, too. Nothing compares to this, nothing! I've been a Matrix 'lurker' for quite a while but now feel ready to step into the mix. Thank you to all!"


"I am so grateful for the wonderful experience of these last three weeks. Such wonderful learning and practice with my swap partners. Kate and Ted you organised and hosted these sessions with kindness, openness and curiosity. It is such a gift to be learning and opening to these skilful ways of healing and transformation in The Matrix. With love and gratitude to each of our good hearts. Thank you everyone."



Some comments from our course participants

Ted Wilmont


I've been a Matrix Practitioner and trainer for 14 years and through the hundreds of sessions that I've facilitated as well, the training, mentoring and my own international workshops - I know the power of working in these three areas. 


"Ted Wilmont is one of the most experienced Matrix Reimprinting and EFT practitioners in the
world. As well as being an exceptional therapist, he has been training EFT for many years
and was one of the very first Matrix Reimprinting trainers. His ability to communicate in a
simple and easily understandable format has made him a highly sought after trainer with his
own unique style. He is incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable, and brings much humour and
warmth to his courses.

Karl Dawson, EFT Master and creator of Matrix Reimprinting



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 Confidently work with generational beliefs, surrogately with loved ones and also align with your future self using Matrix Reimprinting. 

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